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"Your strength and ruthlessness can make you a great asset to my glorious evolution."

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RPer/Character QA Time! Inbox me!
1. RPer's real name?
2. Why did I choose my character, and how do I choose to play him/her?
3. If my character was born in a different era, what would I change about him/her?
4. Rper x Character; how would our relationship go?
5. Give one headcanon l have about my character(s).
6. Favourite thing about character.
7. What do you imagine when I think of my character?
8. If I changed your character's clothing options, what would I change and why?
9. If my character were to be given a haircut by me, what would I do?
10. If my character were to die, how would I react?
11. What is character's biggest secret?
12. What does RPer ship character with?
13. Worse moment for character.
14. Best moment for character.
15. What RPer secretly wants character to do.
16. How character reacts to magic anons.
17. What RPer likes about character.
18. What character prefers the most on Tumblr.
19. Most likely scenario for character on Tumblr.
20. What does RPer dislike about character?
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askdemaciaswings asked :

"Possibly a viable candidate for my glorious evolution, a mechanical bird can be a great asset to me."

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" Yes, resistance is futile, if you won’t join me, I will have to make you" Viktor’s mechanical hand moved pointing itself at Ahri, it began to glow as it charged it

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the-temptress-vixen asked :

"Viable specimen for creating my unstoppable army of mecha fox babies"

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Ask Bristle: BRISTLE'S 400 ( Now 500 ) FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY!!! ( BIG UPDATE )




Through ‘persuasion’ from the Institute, the boar has acquired two codes for 1380 Riot Points and he wishes to gift them away for all his guests…

The Rules are as follows:

- You must be following to be eligible.
- Reblog and Like for more chances to win


(( Last Chance!!

Winners will be announced @ 6pm Pacific )) 

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"You and your spiderlings could be good asset to my glorious evolution." 

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Anonymous asked : Viktor x Jayce

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